Silicon Valley Comic Con

img_3049On Friday, my brother Matthew and I went to the Silicon Valley Comic Con. I had never been to Comic Con and to be honest, I’m nblack widowot a huge fan of comic books so I had never considered attending. My brother really wanted to go and since it was the last day of his Spring Break, I said “why not?” 🙂 We originally had planned on going on Saturday because the event would be from 10am-7pm, but tickets were $50 per person and tickets for Friday were only $25, since it would only be from from 5pm-9pm. star warsMatthew and I decided that since we had never been and didn’t know much about it, we could go on Friday and only spend $50 instead of $100. We got there at 6pm, went to the blue tent in downtown, got our wristbands, and headed off to Comic Con. I loved seeing all the cosplayers and what they were wearing, Matthew and I didn’t dress up but we’re thinking of going next year and wearing costumes. We saw a girl dressed as Black Widow and I think Matthew r2d2may have been a little shy, but I made him take a picture with her LOL. Then we went to the main room where there were lots of vendors and we saw statues from Star Wars, it was like a scene straight out of one of the movies. While we were looking at all the stuff people were selling, we ran into R2-D2. R2-D2 was so cute and was spinning all over and would stop to take pictures with everyone, there was lines of people just waiting for a picture. We walked around for a while and saw so many wonderful things, there was people selling their original comics, selling Pop figures, selling jewelry, and posters. My brother had some money saved up and he really wanted to buy a souvenir to remember his first time attending Comic Con. We came across an artist who was selling his art and he had a 3-D painting of a storm trooper and Matthew was sold. He bought it and the artist signed it and said it was number 5/100 and gave us a certificate of authenticity. Overall, Comic Con was really fun and I am looking forward to next year when I can make more memories with my brother.


Trip to San Francisco!

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Yesterday, Miguel and I had a mini adventure in San Francisco! 🙂 Let me give you a little bit of a background story. I met Miguel back in college in 2013, we were both in the class “Introduction to Earth Science”. Every day the professor would ask if anyone had questions or comments and one guy would always raise his hand. He would go on and on about science and just keep talking about every little fact he knew, that was Miguel. Back then, I hated science and thought it was absolutely boring, once I started dating my boyfriend, who is getting a B.S. in Biochemical Engineering, science seemed more interesting. Now, I love it when he starts telling me about what he is learning in class or anything he has been researching. Being that he loves science, I wanted to surprise him with a gift of something he would love. Miguel had never been to the California Academy of Sciences and the last time I had gone was when I was very young and didn’t remember it. Therefore, I surprised him by telling him that were gonna go there and planned an entire day just for our trip. We wanted to have an adventure, so we decided to take the Caltrain to SF instead of driving. The train ride was about two and a half hours but was definitely worth it and very fun. Once in SF, we took an Uber to the California Academy of Sciences. Miguel was beyond excited to visit the Academy of Sciences, he was like a kid in a candy store. Although I am not a huge fan of science, as mentioned before, I really wanted to spend time with my boyfriend in a place that he would enjoy, and boy did he enjoy it! He had a smile from ear to ear and wanted to go everywhere. I don’t remember how long we were there for, but we definitely saw EVERYTHING! Miguel and I saw all the exhibits and we even went inside the Osher Rainforest. That place is beautiful, there are four levels filled with birds, reptiles, fish, and butterflies. A moth actually landed on Miguel’s leg and he started saying, “I have been chosen”, it was very cute. Afterwards, we went to the Planetarium and saw “Habitat Earth“, it was amazing! The show was free with admission and was about 30 minutes long , we learned how plants and animals affect our earth. Lastly, we went to the mesmerizing Steinhart Aquarium and saw lots of sea creatures. Then we took an Uber back to Caltrain Station and went back to San Jose. Overall, our adventure was beautiful and we had a wonderful time! I will never forget this trip with Miguel! 🙂

What’s In My Purse?

Most girls love makeup, fashion, and shoes. I love purses! In 2013, after getting my first job, I bought my first designer handbag. I purchased a Michael Kors Vanilla Logo Satchel and matching wallet. I felt like the happiest woman on earth because I finally had the purse of my dreams. Over the years, my love for handbags has grown and so has my purse collection. I have several Michael Kors bags and a few Kate Spade. Although I have purses from different designers, my favorite brand without a doubt, is Michael Kors. My latest purchase was last year, when I bought a Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Black Satchel. This is currently my favorite purse and have been using it nonstop since the day I got it. Here are the daily essentials I carry in my purse:

whats in mk purse 2

Hawaiian Poké

poke 1

In Hawaii there is an absolutely delicious food – poke (pronounced poh-keh). “Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as an entree. Poke is the Hawaiian verb for section, to slice, or cut.” Lately, poke or poke bowls have become very famous in the Continental U.S. Although this dish has been served for years in Hawaii it has recently gained popularity in big cities with many restaurants specializing on poke bowls. These bowls are similar to sushi, they start with a bowl of sushi rice and then topped with raw fish and veggies or seasonings. I had never tried poke until last year when I went to Poki Bowl in January and instantly fell in love. In my hometown there are several locations that sell poke but sadly I have only been to three. The restaurants I have tried are Poki Bowl, Poke One, and Sunfish Poke Bar. Out of all three, I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite as they are all delicious and I always order the same thing regardless of which place I go to. When going to a poke restaurant, you first start by choosing between a regular or large bowl, then the base which can be sushi rice, bropoke 2wn rice, salad, or half & half. Next comes the protein which is normally 3 scoops for a regular and 4 scoops for a large, you can pick between tuna, salmon, shrimp, octopus, spicy tuna, and yellow tail. Lastly there is different sauces and a variety of toppings you can add to complete your poke bowl. My go to order is a regular bowl with sushi rice, spicy tuna, shrimp, and octopus. I add crab meat (which counts as a topping), cucumbers, avocado, corn, and spicy mayo. Lastly, I top it off with seaweed seasoning and voila- perfection! If you like sushi or have been wondering what is poke, definitely try it. You won’t be disappointed!

Life With Diabetes

The first day of junior year in high school, I had an annual check-up with my pediatrician. It was a normal Wednesday, I went to school and then got picked up by mom to go to my appointment. At the appointment, a nurse pricked my finger to check my blood sugar level and it was high. The pediatrician told my mom to take me to the ER immediately because the glucose test was higher than it should be. I got to the ER and there they pricked my finger again and the results came of 415 mg/dl, the normal range for a person without diabetes is 100 mg/dl. After sitting in the waiting room of the ER from 4pm-1am, I finally got admitted into a room where a group of doctors told me I had Type 1 Diabetes. On September 2, 2009 at the age of seventeen, my life changed forever.

What is diabetes? “A disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine.” There are two well known types of diabetes: type one and type two, although there is also gestational diabetes. Why is insulin important? “Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that allows your body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the food that you eat for energy or to store glucose for future use. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).” I have type 1 diabetes which means that my pancreas does not produce the necessary insulin to breakdown carbohydrates and convert it into energy. Because my body does not make insulin, I must take insulin shots.

diabetes supplies.JPG

There are several ways of taking insulin, there are insulin vials and injections, insulin pens and needles, and there is an insulin pump. I use insulin pens because they are more convenient for me and after opening they can be kept at room temperature in my purse. I have a FreeStyle meter which I use to check my blood sugar levels and make sure they are in normal range. The blue pen is Humalog and is fast-acting insulin I take before each meal, and yes, that means I must take around 4-5 shots to cover meals and snacks. The gray pen is Lantus which is a long-acting insulin which works for 24 hours and is taken at bedtime. If I ever skip a dose of Humalog or do not take enough insulin, Lantus helps so my sugar levels do not rise. The purple box contains pen needles and those are tiny one time only needles screwed on to the insulin pens every time I must inject myself and thrown away afterwards.

I’ve had diabetes for eight years and it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been admitted into the hospital several times but I will not give up. I have a great support system full of people who love and care about me. Without them I would not have been able to deal with this because there are days were I just want to stop trying and get down but I know that it will be okay. I have hope that one day there will be a cure and I will be able to pronounce those great words “I don’t have diabetes anymore”.

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