Silicon Valley Comic Con

img_3049On Friday, my brother Matthew and I went to the Silicon Valley Comic Con. I had never been to Comic Con and to be honest, I’m nblack widowot a huge fan of comic books so I had never considered attending. My brother really wanted to go and since it was the last day of his Spring Break, I said “why not?” 🙂 We originally had planned on going on Saturday because the event would be from 10am-7pm, but tickets were $50 per person and tickets for Friday were only $25, since it would only be from from 5pm-9pm. star warsMatthew and I decided that since we had never been and didn’t know much about it, we could go on Friday and only spend $50 instead of $100. We got there at 6pm, went to the blue tent in downtown, got our wristbands, and headed off to Comic Con. I loved seeing all the cosplayers and what they were wearing, Matthew and I didn’t dress up but we’re thinking of going next year and wearing costumes. We saw a girl dressed as Black Widow and I think Matthew r2d2may have been a little shy, but I made him take a picture with her LOL. Then we went to the main room where there were lots of vendors and we saw statues from Star Wars, it was like a scene straight out of one of the movies. While we were looking at all the stuff people were selling, we ran into R2-D2. R2-D2 was so cute and was spinning all over and would stop to take pictures with everyone, there was lines of people just waiting for a picture. We walked around for a while and saw so many wonderful things, there was people selling their original comics, selling Pop figures, selling jewelry, and posters. My brother had some money saved up and he really wanted to buy a souvenir to remember his first time attending Comic Con. We came across an artist who was selling his art and he had a 3-D painting of a storm trooper and Matthew was sold. He bought it and the artist signed it and said it was number 5/100 and gave us a certificate of authenticity. Overall, Comic Con was really fun and I am looking forward to next year when I can make more memories with my brother.


4 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Comic Con

  1. Que bueno que puedas disfrutar de ese tipo de actividades al lado de tu hermano, el tiempo pasa tan rápido que en unos años se acordaran juntos de las experiencias compartidas.
    Gracias por hacernos partícipes de aspectos tan bonitos de tu vida.

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